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written & contributed content

Fun Fact: Before joining the eComm world, I was an English teacher.

Writing & contributing content has always been a way for me to exercise my creative energy, and give back to the industry!

Check out some of my written & contributed article content here. 

It's been quite a year for advertisers since Apple’s rollout of iOS 14.5, with many still struggling to find their footing. In this article, I share advice on how D2C brands can ensure their ad dollars are being spent effectively, while continuing to scale their businesses.


In collaboration with David Cohen from AdWeek, in this article, I cover some tips & tricks for "less trendy" brands (think home products, materials, cleaning, etc) to succeed on organic & paid TikTok. 


In collaboration with Anna Hensel from Modern Retail, in this article I cover the wild world of attribution technology - and why brands who aren't leveraging these solutions are at an inherent disadvantage. 


In collaboration with Leonard Klie from Destination CRM, in this article I tackle TikTok's emerging features, and how the growing SMB e-commerce market is leveraging TikTok advertising for scale.  


In collaboration with Julian Cannon of DigiDay, in this article I explore TikTok's strategy in releasing new advertising features prior to the Black Friday Cyber Monday season of 2022.

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In this contributed content piece for Internet Retailing, I share the best strategies for capturing the Gen Z audience through digital advertising - as well as why brands should focus on capturing this demographic if they haven't already. 

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